Friday, October 3, 2008


Hello everyone!

Sorry, it has taken me forever to update our blog. My family has been really busy lately. For those of you who already don't know, we are trying to sale our house (I know we couldn't have picked a better time). It has been really stressful. We have had several people look, but no offers. I'm really sad, because our house looks really good and now we are going to have to move.

Anyway, I will update with pictures later. This past weekend, we were able to fly to Seattle and visit Matts grandma and great grandma. Finally, I had my JetBlue experience. I loved it. I love our airplanes!Porters aunt Jessica came with us, and we met grandma Janice there. We had so much fun visiting and introducing Porter to the rest of his family. He had his grandma's wrapped around his little finger. It was my first time to Seattle. I had a blast. We were able to visit Pikes Place Market were we saw them throw fish and we ordered some fish and had it shipped back home. It looks really yummy--I will find out how it tastes on sunday! We also saw the space needle and went up to the top of it. It was so cool to see Seattle at night. It was really pretty. We also went to Trader Joes and got some yummy candy. We just had a lot of fun walking around looking at stuff. Porter thought the space needle was fun to see to. He also liked watching the Seaguls at Iver's while we were eating yummy salmon and halibut, fresh from the sea. Matt was feeding the Seaguls french fries and this one seagul was catching it like Bandit our dog. It was pretty funny! Porter though it was hilarous! He laughed and laughed at those silly seaguls. Well, I will update again soon with some photo's.