Saturday, February 14, 2009

No Longer A Home Owner!

I'm finally updating. A lot has happened these past couple of months. Matt had to go to the ER, he wasn't feeling well just before Christmas. Unfortunatly, it turned into a hospital visit. He is doing better now. But it stinks, because they still arn't a 100% sure what was wrong with him. And we didn't have insurace at the time. So we racked up the hospital bills. Just to add to our dwindling finances.
One big help is, last tuesday, we are no longer homeowners. Someone finally bought our cute house. We now live with Matt's uncle Morgen who has graciously allowed us to move in with his family. Hopefully, this will only be a short term stop. I'm sad that we had to sell our house, but I understand that this is just another bump in the road. I'm praying we can get into another house soon!
Matt got laid off again-yes, again! After he started at what we thought would be a great new place for him, things got really slow and they laid him off in January. So far there are no perspectives. The future is looking pretty bleak. Matt's not so sure he even wants to do surveying anymore. Hopefully, Matt will find a new job soon! If anyone know's of any openings anywhere, please let us know.
Porter is growing like a weed. He is crawling and getting two teeth. He loves french fries, and puff snacks. He is into everything now. He can even say Mommy and Daddy kind'ave. We love our little guy!
Hopefully, our string of bad voodoo will be ending soon! Thanks to the stinky economy!