Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hello All,

Again, I am not good at this blogging stuff!! However I did manage to finally change our background!! I finally figured that one out!! It only took me two years!! lol!!
Well, what have we been up to!! Hmm, where to begin!! Matt is still working his two jobs on full time and the other basically full time!! We really don't get to see eachother a lot and when we finally do he is exhaused and just wants to veg! Which who can blame him! It does kinda stink because I miss our time together!! But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to provide!! I'm still working my two jobs, both part-time. It's basically a full time job if you combine the two!! I love my second job so much up at TITP!! It is the bestest!!!
Porter is still growing like a weed, he is really tall!! We love that kid he makes us smile everyday!! We sure do wish we could spend more time as a family though!! But I guess that's why you make sacrifices now, so hopefully you have a better future!! We are really hoping for that better future!!!
Oh, and I guess the biggest news of the year is, we just found out that I'm going to have a baby!! Yay, hopefully we will find out the gender sometime in December!!! I'm due May 2nd, that seems like a good time to have a baby!! We are hoping for a girl, but you get what you get!! And we would love another boy they are so fun!! Anyways, we are really excited for it-sometimes I think it's the good news that keeps us going!!
I know that I shouldn't be jealous or envy others but I'm really missing our house right now!! Especially this time of year when I could decorate it for christmas!! I miss hanging the lights and our beautiful bay window with the christmas tree in it!! I know it seems silly and childish, but I guess you never know what you will miss until it's gone!! I try to make christmas fun in our apartment, but it's so little and hanging lights is pointless because no one else does it-so it looks funny!!
Hopefully soon some day Matt and I can get back into a house!! Stupid layoffs!! lol!! I just hate how my poor husband has to now work two full time jobs and I have to work basically full time and we don't even bring in the same that he used to bring in with one job!! It totally stinks!! I guess that's probably why Heavenly Father decided we needed to learn a lesson!! So, we can learn to make sacrifices and be grateful for the simple things in life!! (Sorry for my venting!)
Looking back at everything, I really am grateful for what I have! We have a roof over our heads and food in our tummy's and most important of all is we still have eachother and the gospel/lord!! And, we have made some really great friends along the way and I have found a great spot where I can escape from the world, even if it is just for a few minutes!! I wish you and all of your families a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!! And if you ever need anything please let me know!!