Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Almost done!!


Well, I'm into the 8th month of pregnancy!! I can't believe that at the end of April we will be welcoming another edition into our family!! We are so excited for this little boy to be born!! Porter is so happy, he asks every day when is the baby going to be born!!

Well, not a lot has happened since I last posted! We are still enjoying our new place!! And loving the fact that we get to spend time with the hubby/daddy!! This has truely been a blessing to our family!!

We also not only can't wait for the baby"Hudson" to be born, but we are so excited for spring/summer, when we can finally go outside and play!! Especially Porter and I-we have cabin fever so bad!! Anytime there is a little hint of spring we have been outside enjoying it!!!

Well, all that's left is cleaning Hudson's bedroom, and his clothes and getting organized and ready for his arrival, and of course waiting!!! I wish it were already done!!!

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