Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grandma Janice

Porter loves his Grandma Janice. This Picture was taken when Porter was only a few day's old!

More Blessing Pic's

Porter Loves his Aunt's ! This picture was taken on Porter's Blessing Day!


The Zoo

Thanks to my good friend Christine we got free tickets to the zoo. We decided it would be fun to take Porter. This is his first time to the zoo. When Matt told Porter we were going to go to the zoo today, Porter smiled and laughed. We love his big grin. When I got him ready today, I carefully chose his outfit with a little Giraffe on it. I figured it would only be appropriate. It was really fun to spend time with our little family. Porter mostly slept (we figured that was going to happen), but he did wake up for a few pictures. I think he really liked the giraffes, elephants, and snakes. Dad and Porter were having a blast looking at all of the snakes, while Mom looked at them from a distance and focused more on the cute little monkeys and other various mammals on the other side. We had a lot of fun, even though it was a really hot day! We look forward to bringing Porter back to the zoo, especially when he is old enough to really understand what is going on around him.

Bear Lake

The weekend of July 18th, Matt and I decided to go to Bear Lake. Matt had never been before and neither has Porter. So, I called my parents and invited them to come as well. We had fun looking at the lake and we stopped to get a Bear Lake Raspberry Shake-Yummm! Porter was really good for the entire car ride. We decided to go home through Wyoming. It was such an exciting car ride (lots of sage brush and barren land). We drove past Wyoming downs and decided that some day, we need to come back to see the horse races. Overall, it was a nice relaxing day trip and Porter got to go to Idaho and Wyoming for the first time!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello everyone! Sorry, I haven't updated anything recently I have been really busy. Today, I started back to work. It stinks, but that's life. One good thing is on the next shift bid, I will have Sunday's off. Finally, I can go to church again! I'm sure my fellow ward members think I'm inactive. I'm so excited my horse finally got new shoes after battling with farriers for a couple of months. His poor feet got so long, I felt really bad. Thankfully, some family and friends have been helping take care of Shamie for me since I became pregnant. Now I'm so happy, because I can finally ride him again!
Matt has gone back into the field. So, he does half office work and half field work. One benefit is he gets a work truck again! We believe this may be a blessing in disguise considering fuel prices and we will both be starting back to school so now we won't have to worry about his transportation.
Porter is just getting bigger and bigger everyday. He still is not sleeping through the night. He averages waking up about at least two times every night. I know that it will come with time, but I wish it was sooner rather than later. We are so grateful for all of the family and friends that have helped us these past couple of months. We don't know were we would be without you!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Matt and Ashley

We had the pleasure of blessing our son Porter on July 11, 2008. Porter was so good during the blessing. He was wide awake just looking around and didn't even make a peep. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful husband who is worthy to use the priesthood. I really felt the spirit that day! We had many of our family members and friends attend. Those that were unable to come, were missed greatly! Some of our close family members and friends bore there testimony. I was really touched by the words that were spoken. I will forever remember them. After the blessing we had everyone over to our house for a BBQ! Matt did a good job orchastrating everything! It really turned out to be a really nice day!

Porter Ryan Peck

My First Blog


I must admit this is my first attempt at blogging so, we shall see how this will go! I have many a family and friend who suggested I start one. I just had a baby boy name Porter Ryan Peck on june 9, 2008 and he is the love of my life! Wow, how time flies. He is already one month old. Hopefully soon, I will figure out how this thing works and put some pictures on here.